Amsterdam reminded me a storybook. Looking around the colorful homes, pedestrian walkways, the flurry of bikers, and the canals laced through the central, I realized this is what Disney World was trying to emulate when creating their theme parks. Amsterdam has a million bikers alone, and in such a small city, this makes it the […]

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Portovenere is often considered the sixth Cinque Terre village on the Ligurian coast. It is connected to the Cinque Terre by the Cinque Terre National Park hiking trails and is also included in its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.However, the town has a distinctly different look and feel to it than the Cinque […]

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Bolgheri and Volterra

Our most recent trip to Tuscany led us to Bolgheri,  one of Italy’s most prestigious wine regions often left off the American tourist map. It is most famous for the winery called Sassicaia, which makes some of the most renowned reds in Italy. However, the tasting was 80 euros a person, which was much over what […]

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Verona and Vicenza

Many of heard of Verona as the setting for the Shakespeare classic, Romeo and Juliet. Although there is plenty of tourism around this fact, Verona has significantly more to offer and is probably one of the prettiest cities we visited in Italy. Verona was on our itinerary as a stopping point on or way to […]

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Lucca is one of the most famous medieval towns in Tuscany. It is often compared to Siena, but in my opinion it is less touristy and more representative of Tuscan life. The town is surrounding by high walls, the tops of which have been converted to parks and walkways. Although the town does not give off […]

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The area of Tuscany that we live is technically referred to as Versilia, or the coastline where many Italians, Germans, and Russians make their home for the summer. It is characterized by an expansive coastline in front of the beautiful Appenine Mountains, where marble has been quarried for thousands of years. Our home is located […]

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